WWALT: “What a hell of a way to die” hosted by Francis, Nate and Adrian

What do I like about it?
“You can get an education, health care plan and decent standard of living which you may otherwise never reach. But at the same time, you may come back minus a limb, or with PTSD, or worse.”
That pretty much sums up the show and why I like it. The show takes its title from the American Paratrooper song Blood on the Risers, “Glory Glory what a hell of a way to die” but this show is about as far removed from any concept of glory you can get.
What we do have is very frank and honest accounts of soldiers and their experiences, which range from basic training to close combat, to so called nation building. Subjects range from cultural sensitivity, American foreign policy and politics within the rank and file, to light hearted moments, including the story of the warship built at great expense which was near invincible until it got a bit wet.
These are ordinary guys who share a bond of brotherhood, and a desire to demonstrate that your perception of soldiers and vets may not be entirely accurate.
I clicked on this without knowing anything about it, and within an afternoon I’ve already done 3 episodes. That should give you an idea of how much I like it.

What could make it better?
The shows still in its early stages, just past double figures, and is still learning and developing. To that end the original host Staff Sergant Joker is already improving on the initial format which was basically him being a bit ranty. The chemistry between the guys on the shows I’ve heard so far has been great, working together well to express feelings and opinions about the military that I just haven’t seen or heard presented in a calm and eloquent manner.

Who could take inspiration from this format?
Anybody who has a story to tell. You may think you haven’t got anything interesting and that there’s nobody else out there like you. But then, I didn’t think there was such a thing as a socialist soldier until I discovered this.

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