WWALT: The Morbid Curiosity Podcast

The Morbid Curiosity Podcast’s aim is to bring to light the morbid things we’re all secretly fascinated by. In each episode, they address a different disturbing, unpleasant, mysterious or unsolved topic, discussing the history, the science and the theories surrounding each one.

What do I like about it?
When I first hit play on this show within 30 seconds I felt like Fox Mulder. This is exactly the sort of podcast he would listen to, while on his daily commute to the FBI. Presenter Hallie has a great voice, and they’ve clearly gone to some effort with the production values as well.
What could make it better?
This show has so much potential, but having listened to a couple of these now I feel like it is missing the mark. According to their website the show aims to address a different disturbing, unpleasant, mysterious or unsolved topic, discussing the history, the science and the theories surrounding each one. A great mission statement to have, but at times it times it feels like they are just reading reading sections of the internet out loud. There’s no depth to it. And after a while you realise that there is no change of pace. What starts off as atmospheric music, becomes meditative, especially as the presenter rarely changes gear. As such, it’s closer to a well produced audiobook, than to a podcast. And this frustrates the hell out of me.
Also, given the high production values and music, I found myself expecting more that never came. The perfect example of this comes right at the end of the episode on the Bermuda triangle when Hallie tells us about the mysterious sound that has been recorded on the ocean that no-one has ever been able to verify the origin of. It’s the perfect way to sign off, she sets it up so well and yet… they don’t play the sound! What??? Why would you do that? A quick google and I’m listening to it myself (incidentally I’m also reading claims this particular mystery had been solved back in 2014, but that’s not the point!)
It’s not a bad way to spend half an hour by any means. I’m just frustrated as I wanted it to deliver what it promised, something I can get my teeth into. However, this show just skims the surface when I want it to dive in and go deep. Sadly, it’s a little lost in it’s own mystery.

Who could benefit from this format?

If you are looking to make a podcast with high production values, whatever topic you are podcasting, on then this is a good lesson in how to do that. It is worth anyone checking this out to make sure that they aren’t missing out on what their listener is expecting, and maybe seeking some feedback from your listeners is a good place to start to check how you are doing.