WWALT: Sleep With Me

This is a different one, it has a different purpose to most podcasts, in fact it is almost the opposite. The podcast isn’t trying to entertain it claims to be ‘The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep – A Lulling, Droning, Boring Bedtime Story to Distract Your Racing Mind’.

So the parameters on which I can judge this podcast are only based on, like Ronseal, that it does exactly what it says on the tin! Recently, staying away in a hotel, in a bed that was strange to me, I thought what better time to give this podcast a try.

What do I like about it?

Well, it seemed to work! I woke up with my phone and headphones next to me and the last thing I listened to was the podcast, so it seems to have done exactly what it claims to do!

Now from the outside this podcast could be terrible, it could be a collection of stories that go along with no rhythm in a boring voice that is intentionally trying to make you bored and switch off. However this doesn’t do that, it is formulaic in its approach, the rhythms of the stories are perfect. They are just enough of a story to keep your mind on the audio, but just enough to not make you fully listen and not be able to sleep.

The podcast is hosted and created by Drew Ackerman and his voice, intonations and direction is perfect for lulling you off, and distracting your mind. Sometimes Drew can be describing something that happened that week, other days he is simply narrating the boring parts of a Game of Thrones episode. Either way the podcast perfectly distracts the mind!

What could make it better?

This is a very difficult question to answer because I am not entirely sure I have reached the end of an episode. The production is good enough to not be distracting, and the stories work to send you off to sleep. It could be said that there are some wild tangents in the episodes that may distract slightly, but I am no expert on ways to get to sleep, so this may be a great tactic and it seems to work.

Who could take inspiration from this podcast?

Well firstly, anyone with sleep problems should give it a go!

For podcasters I feel like everyone should listen to this as an example of something completely different from the groove! It is inspirational in that it follows no rules, and is almost the complete opposite to the curve. If you have a specific want, need or purpose to fill with your podcast, this is a great example of doing that well.

“Love this review on the ‘Sleep with me’ #podcast!”