Some people listen to podcasts purely for entertainment or distraction. Some people listen to podcasts to learn. This week we have been listening to a podcast that draws these two together very well.

From the Q.I. Elves (the people that create the facts for the hit British TV show); “No such thing as a fish” is a podcast where Dan, James, Andy & Anna gather around microphones bringing along an unbelievable fact that they have unearthed that week.

It comes out weekly and its format is very simple, they take turns to present the fact and discuss each one. The entertainment comes from the presenting teams intelligence and personalities encompassing the joy of the TV show into this podcast.

What do I like about it?

The podcast is a great mix of comedy and learning, it brings you facts to use down the pub or when the conversation dries up at work. The simplicity is refreshing and there isn’t an overuse of production that can sometimes feel forced in podcasts of this format.

What could make it better?

The podcast is great at making you feel like you are sitting with friends discussing weird facts, however, its intelligence and group laughter can sometimes feel ‘clicky’. Our make it better tip would be to take care in not using inside jokes or explaining in more detail highly intelligent jokes.

Who could take inspiration from this format?

The podcast is a very well recorded and mixed chat format podcast, it keeps to the topic and is entertaining throughout. Anyone who wants to do a more than one person chat podcast could certainly learn from the team’s ability to not talk over each other and to keep conversations entertaining throughout.

It is easy to go off on tangents that become irrelevant in chat-based podcasts, this would most likely happen in the recording sessions for this podcast, however the editing is done brilliantly and doesn’t show any signs of such flaws.