What does it do?

Very simply it is a short and sweet collection of life hacks read out loud. For those not familiar with the website, Lifehacker.com is a really useful tool, full of short cuts to improve all you do in life – everything from cooking and cleaning, and health to Home Improvements.

What do I like about it?

In the last ten minutes I’ve listened to at least 5 episodes and absorbed the following skills: how to open a really tightly sealed jar; how to pack my suitcase in such a way that won’t arouse suspicion at airport security; How to answer “Tell me about yourself” at a job interview; how to make the most of the vouchers on national pizza day; and how to overcome networking fears with the 60 second game.

These bite sized pieces of info capture perfectly what I like about lifehacks. And the variety keeps my listening fresh. I like to playlist an episode of this inbetween two longer shows.

What would I make better?

I’m not sure how they source the voices for each episode, but there is a massive fluxuation in recording quality. Some sound like they are a professional script reader in a studio, whereas others sound like its just someone on their phone in a coffee shop.

The more episodes I listen to I start to realise that there’s not a great deal of care and attention that goes into the content. I just listened to one episode where they actually said “The video below” and “click here” which made me spit my tea out. And I really like tea.

This annoyed me immensely as it suggests that they are literally just cut and pasting the material, and not even thinking about how the product is going to be consumed, which incidentally would be so simple. It also shows that there is no quality control and they are not reviewing what is being put out. This really lets it down.

Still, not every story they read features links and videos but I have a feeling that a few more of those will lead me to unsubscribing.

Who could take inspiration from this format?

I can see this working well for any learning and self development environment, also a hard lesson for anyone looking to release an audio form of the blogs they are already writing.

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