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When we listen to podcasts it is often when we are alone. Share of ear figures from Edison Research shows that many podcasters listen in when in the car, at the gym, whilst exercising, walking the dog etc.

It is for this reason that some podcasts work well on a model of making people feel like part of the conversation or less alone, much like what a radio show presenter tries to achieve.

For me a podcast is great when it tells an awesome story, with high production values and a tight directed objective. However, this week’s podcast is almost the opposite of that, yet I still love it!

Hello Internet is a recording of conversations between CGP Grey and Dr. Brady Haran. The conversations rarely follow a particular story or have any kind of objective. In fact the latest episode I have listened to, entitled “World’s Most Interesting Podcast”, starts with conversations on chess quickly moving to soccer / tennis, Norwegian banknotes and ending with twitter polls.

What do I like about it?

There are many podcasts in this style, the classic 2 guys and a microphone format can often fall into the background and go unnoticed due to the amount of these podcasts. The thing that truly can make this format a success is the hosts, they present and converse in a way that makes you feel like you have popped into a bar for a quick drink, and are listening to the two guys next to you having the most interesting conversations. There are times you almost want to interject with your opinion.

What could make it better?

I would often say that giving more direction or grouping stories would improve this podcast, and that is certainly true for 99% of the “2 guys and a mic” shows, however I think that is part of ‘Hello Internet’s’ charm.

My only big issue with this podcast is it’s length. Asking your listeners to tune in for 1hr45m is a huge investment, cutting these conversations down to 20-30 minute episodes (the same length as a commute or a run) and releasing more often would improve listenership of the entire podcast content. There is also the worry of people getting tired of the same two voices when podcast duration is this long, you can get tired of even your best friend’s voice if they speak constantly for 2 hours!

Who could take inspiration from this podcast?

It is a masterclass to anyone who is set on the conversation style podcast, the presenters know how to keep you entertained for long periods of time. Just be careful, there are a lot of podcasts with this format out there.

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