WWALT: Everyone Else


What is it? Everyone Else is Stories from Strangers: “A photographic podcast from a nosy parker and some like minded voyeurs” Episodes vary between 7 minutes up to over an hour.

What do I like about it?

The description above as featured on the Everyone Else website may seem intriguing and slightly weird, but it actually nails what this show is. Eva Krysiak is an audio producer, and she is a very good one. Each show is a one way conversation with a different person, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for an hour. And it’s very, very good.

I was turned on to this show at the inaugural British Podcast Awards even before I walked in the door. Rather fittingly, it was a chance conversation with a stranger that turned me onto ‘Everyone Else’.

And it is strangers that are the stars of this show, often anonymous, and their story is expertly weaved together so that there is no interviewer, and subsequent interference. It is their own story, in their own words, in their own time. And considering you often have no idea who they are, you are left feeling a very powerful connection.

And this method of editing and crafting the show is not the only technique, the show is produced using a whole box of tricks, including a particularly good use of stereo which is often overlooked by podcasters. This comes into it’s own when listening in a car or on good headphones.

When you hear someone being interviewed you often come away from the experience feeling like you know more about them, and in some cases understand them a little better. But you get so much more than that listening to this: This show is what I imagine it would be like to mind meld with another person and tap into their stream of consciousness.

In short, I wish I’d made this. And listening to it inspires me to want to make something this good.

What could make it better?

The only thing that I would do differently is the sponsor tags. They’re added automatically through Acast without any care or attention and seemingly ignorance of the show content. And so at the beginning and end, the transition from the Hollywood Blockbuster trailer at maximum decibels, to the lovingly crafted audio of Everyone Else can be a little jarring, but it’s a small price to pay for a good listen. Though I’d implore all parties involved to rethink how they do this.

Who could take inspiration from this format?

Anybody who wants to interview people on their show. Though it takes a little more time to craft the story, what I really like about this format is the fact that it makes the guest the star of the programme. They become their own narrator, and that removes another barrier between the audience and the story. And that can only be a good thing. Check out Everyone Else.

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