WWALT: 99% Invisible (http://99percentinvisible.org/)

There are many podcasts out there that transition from bedroom to studio, personal to networked, rare do they grow bigger or better than 99% Invisible. Hosted by Roman Mars, and starting in his bedroom, the podcast is an exploration of all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and designs that shape the world.

The podcast categorises its episodes on the website covering the following categories: Architecture, Infrastructure, Cities, Objects, Sounds, Visuals, Technology & History.

What do I like about it: There is a lot to like about this, especially for me being a big fan of great production values, the podcast is a masterclass in telling stories through interviews, music and soundscapes.

It makes great use of multiple voices, whilst referring back to a narrative from the main host who  keeps the listener on track through the stories. Silence, and music is used brilliantly to set the scenes of the stories before the vocals have even needed to explain, and the producers use of old audio clips from news stories and interviews is timed to perfection.

What could make it even better: This question took me a while to answer, then I looked back over old episodes I had listened to, and old topics I had discovered and I realised that this was an American podcast, listened to by me an Englishman. Whilst this is a podcast from the US, it is listened to globally and often it feels like it might forget that. Some US history is assumed or local knowledge used and that can be a dangerous line. Like I said though, this took me a while to notice and therefore cannot happen very often!

Who should take inspiration from this: Are you looking to tell a story? Well here is your homework! If you can tell it like Roman and his team then you are doing the job well! Painting a picture with audio, and production of the highest quality.

Anyone still in their bedroom recording a podcast? This podcast started their too, it now boasts over 150 million downloads and has a staff working out of a dedicated office and studio. Looking for a goal for your podcast growth, this might be it!

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