Public Speaking

We have been running workshops and talks in podcasting for the last few years. On stage we are a dynamic double act that naturally entertain whilst informing and educating. All of our talks involve heavy amounts of audience participation as we often make a podcast live with the audience. After a combined 20+ years in commercial radio as presenters, and after doing countless breakfast shows together, we have developed a natural feel to talking publicly and will provide a memorable experience for your audiences.

Our Talks

Making a podcast with a live audience

We have been taking this live workshop around to different audiences in the UK. In the 30-45 minute session we will make a podcast with the audience, whilst giving tips on all things podcasting. We will then have it edited, mixed down and uploaded to iTunes / Podcast Apps. The end of the session has the audience playing back the podcast we just created on their phones to us, in a sort of “25 iPhone salute”.

Make a podcast live on just an iPhone

In this live talk / workshop we make a podcast live with the audience completely on a smartphone.

We come up with the idea in the room, record, edit, mix and upload all in the session on one phone to show just how accessible podcasting is. During the talk we will explain more about tips, tricks and tools from the years of experience we have in making podcasts.

Audience Reaction

“Abrupt Audio are one the most professional and enthusiastic companies I have had the joy to work with. Their genuine enjoyment for all things podcasting really stood out at a recent Student Radio Association (SRA) training day. Ant and Chris delivered a session inviting their 18-25 year old audience of 50+ to get involved in making a podcast in just an hour.

Their ability to adapt to their audience is very impressive as they engaged a whole room incorporating tips and tricks of the trade and addressing a very hot topic in radio.”

– Abbie Brock (Regional Officer SRA)

Chris from Abrupt Audio gave a talk to SPARKS (Entrepreneurial and Freelance society) on Storytelling. It was a very engaging speech that taught valuable lessons on how to be more memorable and interact with people through telling stories. Everyone at the talk thoroughly enjoyed it with compliments on how he presented it in particular.

Sean Gearing (VP, Sparks)