Quick Start Guide to Podcasting (Infographic)

We have seen a lot of people starting new podcasts lately, which is awesome!

So many however are getting bogged down by complicated processes, or missing out on the best destinations to send their podcast to!

So we SIMPLIFIED it into this one page QUICK START GUIDE TO PODCASTING infographic…

Quick Start Guide To Podcasting Infographic

Here’s a text version of the steps, but see the infographic for links and tips for each section:

  1.  Record, edit, & mix down an episode.
  2. Pick a podcast hosting company
  3. Set up show settings on your podcast host site (i.e. Show title, artwork)
  4. Use your audio to release an episode (full or intro)
  5. Submit to Apple Podcasts / iTunes (See infographic for how)
  6. Submit to Stitcher (See infographic for link)
  7. Submit to TuneIn (See infographic for link)
  8. Look at other destinations on offer (i.e. Spotify and Google Play)
  9. Wait for destinations to be accepted
  10. Tell people about your podcast 😀


If you have a load of ideas, but not sure how to make a podcast out of them, then we will help guide you to a successful and ready to launch podcast.

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