At what point do you decide this podcast isn’t working and stop?

Our new podcast; The PodTips Podcast takes a question from the community every episode and tries to answer it in 60 seconds. After that we go into deeper discussion on the topic, giving as much advice, tips and tools to help solve the problem as we can.

This week’s question came from Josh Silverman and wasn’t an easy one to start with… “At what point do you decide this podcast isn’t working and stop?”

Here’s the 60 second answer from the podcast:

“The first thing that this comes down to is your definition of success. If you are running your podcast like a business and expecting it to make money and you have spent time and money to make it, then we understand that may not be a success to you. However, you have to bare in mind that if that’s your goal then looking at the podcast industry, those that have been successful financially have taken over 2 years to get there.

It comes down to why you are doing it, and what you are doing it for… If you are doing it to have conversations with high profile people, or you are practicing for public speaking… Then the podcast is an ongoing success. It depends on what your goals are.

Josh sounds like he has hit a wall with what he is doing, and we’ve all been there… Sometimes we just need to push through that wall.”

Want to hear more on our personal experiences of this question, how we’ve overcome, and how to frame success for your podcast then have a listen to the full episode.

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