The NEW PodTips podcast is out! And this podcast is all about YOU!

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Episode 2: Website for my Podcast

In this new series PodTips; we take questions from you the podcasting community and answer them within 60 seconds. If you want to take action after that point great, if you want...

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We want the podcast to reflect the Facebook community we have been building for the last few months and therefore we need YOUR questions!

Ant and Chris will tackle your podcasting problems, or questions in every episode so please submit your pod-questions below with a short audio clip….

Not only will we answer your question though, you will also get the chance to promote your own podcast (or website if you don’t have a podcast)… Simply record your 20 second “Elevator pitch” for your podcast or product with this link…

We look forward to hearing from you. Please be aware you may need to record on either a desktop or with Safari on your phone.

If you run into trouble and cannot use the recorders above, feel free to send us a recording via Facebook Messenger (Abrupt Audio) or email question@abruptaudio.com