PodTips 12 – Getting Guests on your Podcast or becoming a Guest on Podcasts

In this episode we wanted to talk about a question that has been asked a lot of us lately and that is how to get guests on to your podcast, or how to become a guest on others podcasts.

We recorded this on Facebook Live in the PodTips community so please do excuse some of the levels issues we had, Ant has been travelling around and didn’t have his kit.

We run through why these are great ways to grow your own show, as well as our approach to both.

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If you want to ask a question head over to http://abruptaudio.com/podtipspod or email us hello@abruptaudio.com

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Recorded on 1x ATR2100 microphones and a set of Apple Headphones, and was recorded from a Facebook Live run by Ecamm Live Suite.

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