Podcast Review: Are We There Yet?

It’s not a show based on all those car journeys with the kids in the backseat (but that’s a great idea for a show). This is one aimed at space nerds, of which I will hold my hands up now and say includes me.

So yeah, it’s about space and all the ways we are exploring the universe and it’s like a cooler version of the Sky At Night (even without Patrick Moore)

Host Brendan Byrne has one of the coolest job titles I’ve seen recently… He’s the Space Reporter for WMFE who make the show and no doubt help him get access to the guests and facilities. This for me makes the show. Whether he’s walking around the giant tanks that store liquid nitrogen or talking to Buzz Aldrin’s son about colonising Mars… Or speaking to the person who designed this bit of space kit, the places, and people flip my inner geek switch.

Although the introductions are scripted and well produced, in the interviews he asks the questions I find myself wanting to ask. Which is as big a compliment I think you can give an interviewer.  He manages to keep it fairly entry level, making sure any big concepts are explained in an easy to grasp way… Without ever trying to be cool or like Dr Brian Cox.

It’s nice and focused… Around 20-30 minutes per episode which suits me perfectly and it feels like I’m getting some nice inside info on what’s happening. We may not be there yet… But this will be the place to let you know when we get close.

In your own podcasts, listen to the way in which the questions are asked… And the questions that are asked! If you interview in your podcast, this is one of the best to learn from.

Listen here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/are-we-there-yet/id1094372050?mt=2

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