Podcast Review: The Memory Palace

I don’t think I have ever listened to a podcast episode that is two minutes long and learnt so much about the history of not just one country but multiple. And not just about one historic event, but many!

The Memory Palace has changed that for me though, specifically Episode 9 – Ben Franklin Death Ray. Now not all episodes are under 2 minutes they seem to range between 2 and 10 minutes but are a brilliant example of short sharp and excellent storytelling.

What do I like about it:

The presenter does such an excellent job of telling a story giving you just enough detail to get really in to it and learn a lot, but leaves enough out that this are short doses of history.

The music and sound effects used compliment the podcast excellently and I have yet to find one piece of production that I think is misplaced or unnecessary. There research done with these must also be fantastic, in order to get the right elements of a story you often have to find a lot of wrong or useless elements to a story and know to cut these out. I am often precious about my own work (as many of us are), and this makes cutting bits out difficult. The team on this podcast don’t seem to find this a problem and get it just right!

What could be improved on this podcast?

A big part of me wants to say, extend the episode… Make it longer, add interviews and other elements. But actually, it’s the short doses and lack of complication that makes this podcast what it is. It’s the best storyteller at the end of a BBQ; telling great stories, just with added music.

Who can take inspiration from this podcast?

Any podcaster that wants to tell stories with great storytelling skill and a little added production. But also those who babble or waffle like I do. We have written blogs in the past called Cut it out and The power of silence, this podcast takes both of these skills and does them brilliantly. Take note!

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