Podcast Review: The Pitch (by Gimlet)

I have selected this podcast for a review not because of the way in which it is presented… the way in which it is produced… or for its content. Don’t get me wrong, all of this is excellent! I have however chosen The Pitch to review as it has had an interesting change occur in the last few years. An admirable change.

The Pitch is “a show where real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors— for real money. In each episode, they take you behind closed doors to the critical moment when aspiring entrepreneurs put it all on the line. Hosted by Josh Muccio from Gimlet Media.”

Gimlet media have recently brought this show into their network of podcasts. The network has grown from the original podcast Startup. Which documents the start of a podcast network company with CEO Alex Blumberg.

The Pitch however isn’t a show born of Gimlet origin. It started as an indie podcast production by Josh Muccio in 2015. Before Gimlet brought the show on, in June 2017, Josh had created 50+ indie episodes of the same genre.

What can we learn from this podcast?

So, back to my original sentence. I haven’t selected this podcast for a review because of the actual podcast… I have selected it because of the brilliant way they have re-booted it, but with network support.

Often the indie shows go unnoticed or if the presenters do get noticed they get brought in with a new idea on a network. This didn’t happen on this occasion though. Gimlet wanted the show AND the host, therefore they asked Josh to pick 11 of his favourite episodes. They released Josh’s 11 favourites from the original Pitch in a brand new feed, and called it Season 1. They used this to not only set the scene, but also to tease to season 2 building momentum.

I like this alot, as it not only brings the old fans along with the podcast… But also captures a whole new audience. Gimlet have shown what it is to be a big network, helping to lift a show already in existence and give the presenter further opportunities… without destroying the indie heritage. Good work guys!

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