Podcast Review: Manchester Conversations

“The untold stories from the city’s unheard voices”

Listening to Manchester Conversations is a bit like sitting on a bus and overhearing the conversation of the people behind you. And you could easily listen to an episode if you are on a bus with nobody interesting sat behind you, as each episode is under 15 minutes. These particular conversations range from celebrity to criminality, secrets to the supernatural. And sometimes one on one, sometimes with three different voices. And the people that appear are as diverse as their stories.

It leaves me thinking that host Sophie must be constantly stalking people at bus stops, microphone in hand, just waiting to pounce in case one of them says something interesting. And this is part of the charm of the show as you get the feeling that most of the people interviewed, would never have appeared on a podcast if it were not for Sophie approaching them. These are real people. Real voices. Real stories.

This is much more than just overheard conversations, this is an ode to the City. Although this first season predates the recent tragic events, Manchester was praised for how the people came together. And a phrase that can be seen everywhere around the city at the minute comes to mind – “What is the City but it’s people?”

The first season has finished, hopefully it won’t be too long before a second follows it.

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