Podcast Review: How I Built This

I will do my best not to talk about this podcast like a fan-girl obsessing over a One Direction new single. However I do love this podcast. The format is very similar to many others, and the way it performs high above the rest is why I love it.

‘How I Built This’ podcast speaks to the biggest names from some of the biggest companies across the world to find out how they built their empires. The host Guy Raz speaks to a calibre of guests like: Richard Branson (Virgin) and creator of Five Guys: Jerry Murrell.

What I like about it

The podcast comes from NPR and therefore receives support in getting some of the biggest names in business. However, this isn’t the reason I love it. The storytelling is excellent, each episode isn’t a “Look at how much money I have” or celebration of the company.

It gets into the nitty gritty of the hard beginnings of companies or draws out the interesting stories of the lifecycles. The soundscape of music adds to the mood of each story brilliantly… And you don’t get a sense of ‘I am being told this just because it’s a good story!”

The end of the podcast then emphasises this point with a section called ‘How YOU built this’. Where Guy interviews a listener who has been building an interesting story.

What could be done better

I find this hard to answer when I wear slightly rose tinted glasses for this pod. However, I would love to hear a few bonus episodes that are solely dedicated to listener businesses. Give the little guy more of a voice sometimes.

Who can learn from this

Podcasters! All podcasters can, whether it’s interviewing, use of music, storytelling or sounding genuine… If you are looking to learn or improve in any of those areas, check this podcast out!

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