Podcast Review: Death, Sex & Money

I don’t like the question describe something in one word, however if I had to describe this podcast in one word it would be turmoil. This podcast has ups and downs in every episode, it makes you both laugh and cry, with plenty of interesting stories in between.

It boasts about being the podcast that talks about all the things we think about so often: death, sex and money. It is fair to say this is strictly a human-interest podcast and therefore if you like to hear interesting stories about different lives… then this is for you.

What do I like about it?

Often the episodes tell a story through interviews with different people. I love the presenters ability to ask the questions that get incredible stories in the answers. The questions get responses that make you both laugh and cry. They get the true story. She also is able to get true feelings and emotions from people you wouldn’t expect to get it from. Successfully drawing blood from stones!

What could be improved?

Sometimes I feel there is a little bit too much scene setting in interviews. If this was a long series including those characters then I understanding constantly establishing the scene. However in a podcast where you are on that journey for only 20 minutes… Some of the questions in this way can feel pointless or too much information.

Who can take inspiration from this?

Interviews on your podcast? YOU

Looking for inspiration for your questions? YOU

Want to add production that adds to the mood but fits so well that the listener barely even notices its there? YOU

Human interest or interview podcasters, have a listen and take notes. The rest of you, enjoy a few episodes of ‘Death, Sex & Money’.

Recommended episode: ‘I Killed Somebody. Now I Have 3 Kids.’ (17th Dec 2014)


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