Podcast Review: Champions of Mind – http://championsofmind.libsyn.com/

This week I started a 6AM club, and started my mornings in a much more positive routine. This was down to a brand new fantastic podcast. The podcast in question is called Champions of Mind and is brought to you by host, long time radio bod, music promoter, property investor and all round nice guy James Burt.

Each week he is joined by the most in demand mindset coaches in the UK; Llewelyn Davies and his brother Rhys Davies. Each episode is an hour long and delivers real gems in mindset coaching something, they’d normally charge a fortune for on a one-to-one basis.

What I like about it:

It really says something to me when a cast makes me act upon it especially when those actions start at 5:55 in the morning and get me to the gym within 30 minutes of waking up. However this isn’t the only reason I love this podcast, it delivers great messages whilst having fun doing it. The passion and the cohesion between the three of the guys comes across amazingly, and not only do you feel inspired at the end of an episode but also you’ve had a few laughs along the way.

What would I do differently:

It takes me about three rounds to listen to this podcast, an hour is a lot to ask of your audience so make sure you, like these guys, have content that is awesome if you’re going to do something long form. It’s also worth thinking about putting breaks or clear changes after each 20 minutes. This means when your listener finishes their journey to work, or stops the running machine; they can stop the cast at a place they feel comfortable picking up again, next time they commute or at the gym.

Who can take inspiration:

Have a message to deliver with your podcast and want to deliver it with passion, take a lesson from these guys. They know what they want to say, they say it well and they have fun doing it.  If that’s what you want your podcast to be, or the format you want, then take inspiration from this podcast.

Plus, if you’re having trouble getting up in the morning, getting motivated then this is also the podcast for you!

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