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Podcast Review: Very Bad Words

Very Bad Words explores those particular words some of us use and asks why we use those words in particular. It attempts to uncover the origins of their power.

Full disclosure straight away… I love this. I think this is a great show, with a brave concept and expertly crafted sound, and I just enjoy listening to it. Each time I find myself a little more educated and very entertained.

And it is perfectly suited as a podcast. There are few other media channels right now which could do a show like this without fear of the fallout from complaints.

Each episode, host Matt Fidler takes a different word and simply asks why it’s so bad.  And it’s not just him asking questions and pontificating into his microphone, he explores this world with experts on language, advocates of particular words and others who just like to swear. And this is the result of much in the way of pre-production, be that going out and about to interview the public, or finding and booking appropriate guests  (I wouldn’t have known there were such a thing as an F word expert until I heard this

Matt is a radio producer by trade, and that shines through every aspect of this. As well as combining his words with clips of the interviews he’s done, the show is also a great example of how to use music to bring your show to life. This enables the tone and pace of the episode to vary and make that 24 minute listen feel much shorter.

I cut my teeth at the BBC. There, the remit and philosophy behind everything we did was to ensure it ticked at least one of the three boxes of educate, entertain and inform… This show does all three for me.

In short, I f***ing wish I’d f***ing made this. It’s a great example of how you can take an idea that no one else has done anything with but everyone can relate to and turn it into a show.

And that’s the inspiration to take from this, be brave! If you have an idea that no one else is currently doing, you have found a goldmine! Grab it… Give it a go… And don’t forget even some of the biggest podcasters think their first 100 episodes sucked, don’t be afraid to do something different and potentially ahead of the curve!

This podcast is the sh**!

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