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What we are listening to: The Morbid Curiosity Podcast

WWALT: The Morbid Curiosity Podcast The Morbid Curiosity Podcast’s aim is to bring to light the morbid things we’re all secretly fascinated by. In each episode, they address a different disturbing, unpleasant, mysterious or unsolved topic, discussing the history, the...

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How do I record my podcast: Software

In this ‘How do I record my podcast’ special blog, we are going to look at some more equipment essential for recording and editing your podcast. Recording / Editing Software: This software is what you will need to record your podcast, edit it and export it to a...

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What we are listening to: 99% Invisible

WWALT: 99% Invisible (http://99percentinvisible.org/) There are many podcasts out there that transition from bedroom to studio, personal to networked, rare do they grow bigger or better than 99% Invisible. Hosted by Roman Mars, and starting in his bedroom, the podcast...

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Enjoy The Power Of Silence

There’s a lot that happens in a podcast: stories; laughter; tears; music; different voices; strange noises; on location recordings; pre-recordings; phone calls; Skype calls; and I’ve even heard calls of nature being answered. It’s a free for all. You can swear, you...

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What we are listening to: Two scientists walk into a bar

What We Are Listening To: Two Scientists walk into a bar Jane Grogan is a scientist with a background in radio and each week she talks to a different scientist about their work, while in a bar. What do I like about it? This show is really well put together. The...

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How do I record my podcast: Microphones

You have your podcast idea, you have read about and planned your content.. Is your next thought “How am I going to get these ideas recorded?” Well the first in the chain of equipment you will need is microphones. Microphones: There are many, many microphones out...

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