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Podcast Review: Champions of Mind

Podcast Review: Champions of Mind - http://championsofmind.libsyn.com/ This week I started a 6AM club, and started my mornings in a much more positive routine. This was down to a brand new fantastic podcast. The podcast in question is called Champions of Mind and is...

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2017: Year of the Podcast

2017: Year of the Podcast The explosion of spoken content is only going to increase and we believe the growth will accelerate soon in the UK like it recently has in the US and Australia… Why, you ask?! Soon we will be surrounded by voice interaction technology, as...

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Podcast Review: Say Why To Drugs

Podcast Review: Say Why To Drugs On my playlist this week is a podcast from the Distraction Pieces Network, supported by Spoken Word poet and Hip-Hop artist Scroobius Pip. Firstly one of the things I love about podcasts from Pip’s network is that a lot of proceeds go...

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Recording interviews (The Tech)

Recording interviews (The Tech) A lot of podcasts make use of interviews, and why not; they are a great way of getting people's stories told and out to the world. However, we don’t all have the bucks that some of the “big boys” do and cannot fly around the world,...

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Modern Love Review [Podcast Review]

Modern Love Review- [Podcast Review} - http://www.npr.org/podcasts/469516571/modern-love What is it? Modern Love is a column of weekly reader-submitted essays to the New York times, that explore the joys and tribulations of love. The Podcast features readings of these...

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Podcast listeners – Is There Anybody Out There?

Is There Anybody Out There? - Podcast listeners What if nobody is listening? It’s a fear all podcasters have... There will be no podcast listeners! That their voice will not be heard. And that no one will care. Often this becomes an excuse to not even start the ball...

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