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Apple Podcasts update for iOS 11

Apple Podcasts update for iOS 11 At the Worldwide Developer Conference recently, Apple made some long overdue and major announcements about improvements to the podcast world. The Apple Podcasts app, recently rebranded from iTunes, is still far and out the most used...

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Podcast Review: Probably True

Podcast Review: Probably True Probably True is a slightly filthy storytelling project tackling LGBT issues in a fun and engaging way. Much like its author, it is a smutty-but-charming collection of personal adventures. What do I like about it? Somewhere between the...

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Great Podcast Outro’s

Great Podcast Outro's Listeners. We all want more of them, and everyone has their own ideas and techniques on how to get them. But here is a harsh truth. Not everyone will make it to the end of your show. Even if you do a 30 second podcast I guarantee you there will...

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Podcast Review: Champions of Mind

Podcast Review: Champions of Mind - http://championsofmind.libsyn.com/ This week I started a 6AM club, and started my mornings in a much more positive routine. This was down to a brand new fantastic podcast. The podcast in question is called Champions of Mind and is...

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2017: Year of the Podcast

2017: Year of the Podcast The explosion of spoken content is only going to increase and we believe the growth will accelerate soon in the UK like it recently has in the US and Australia… Why, you ask?! Soon we will be surrounded by voice interaction technology, as...

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Podcast Review: Say Why To Drugs

Podcast Review: Say Why To Drugs On my playlist this week is a podcast from the Distraction Pieces Network, supported by Spoken Word poet and Hip-Hop artist Scroobius Pip. Firstly one of the things I love about podcasts from Pip’s network is that a lot of proceeds go...

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