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Podcast Review: Reply All

Podcast Review: Reply All I have listened to Reply All pretty much since it launched back in 2014, I have enjoyed every single episode and feel the show has grown in amazing ways. Long time readers of our review blogs will know we try to avoid the bigger...

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Improving Your Podcast Audio Quality

Improving Your Podcast Audio Quality There are so many problems every podcaster will come across. Arguably one of the most frustrating is when you record a piece of perfect content, then listen back to it only to find that something's gone horribly wrong in the...

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Podcast Review: Are We There Yet?

Podcast Review: Are We There Yet? It’s not a show based on all those car journeys with the kids in the backseat (but that's a great idea for a show). This is one aimed at space nerds, of which I will hold my hands up now and say includes me. So yeah, it’s about space...

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What is a podcast?

What is a podcast? It's a question I get asked a lot, usually just after they ask me what I do. And I guess we all know someone who doesn't know or doesn't understand what a podcast is, and more importantly, how to listen to it. So with that in mind, I think it's...

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Podcast Review: Death, Sex & Money

Podcast Review: Death, Sex & Money I don't like the question describe something in one word, however if I had to describe this podcast in one word it would be turmoil. This podcast has ups and downs in every episode, it makes you both laugh and cry, with plenty of...

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How to Host your Podcast Yourself!

How to Host your Podcast Yourself! When most podcasters start out (us included), they look for the cheapest all-in-one option for hosting their new podcast audio. We read a few blogs about RSS feeds, not always understand them and look for the quickest way to get the...

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