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Different podcasting formats

There are many, many, many, many (think that’s enough to symbolise) podcasts out there, and 99% of them you may encounter are three guys around an iPhone talking about films or football…. And why not, whatever floats your boat. However, with a podcast tailored to a...

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What we are listening to: No Such Thing As A Fish

Some people listen to podcasts purely for entertainment or distraction. Some people listen to podcasts to learn. This week we have been listening to a podcast that draws these two together very well. From the Q.I. Elves (the people that create the facts for the hit...

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Finding great content for your podcast

I meet a lot of people who say they really want to make a podcast, but they haven't done it yet. There can be many reasons for this, but one that comes up often is content. They know what they want to do a podcast about, but they tell me they don't have enough...

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What we are listening to: Life Hacks Spoken Edition

What does it do? Very simply it is a short and sweet collection of life hacks read out loud. For those not familiar with the website, Lifehacker.com is a really useful tool, full of short cuts to improve all you do in life – everything from cooking and cleaning, and...

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What should I podcast about?

The first post of our new blog comes with a very simple topic. If you are looking to start a podcast, what should it be about? We will be posting new regular updates to the blog, including excerpts from our upcoming e-book on launching a podcast. Keep checking...

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