Modern Love Review- [Podcast Review} –

What is it?

Modern Love is a column of weekly reader-submitted essays to the New York times, that explore the joys and tribulations of love. The Podcast features readings of these essays by personalities and updates from the authors. Meghna Chakrabarti hosts the show with input from Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.

What do I like about it?
It’s a brilliant example of how you can repurpose content AND add to it. They could have just had one presenter read out the story each week and that would have ticked the box of delivering a podcast. But they add so much more. Firstly, by using a majority of actors to read the essays, they have more impact. And then they take the time to catch up with the authors and discuss what has happened since, and the impact having their story published. What’s more, the column editor then comes in to discuss what he loved about it and why he thinks people connected with it.

What they’ve done here with the newspaper column is effectively what DVD’s did with movies. They took the original content, and repackaged it alongside more great content. And it’s weaved together beautifully.

Finally, though they are all connected by the theme of love, it’s not all schmaltzy rom-com fodder. Themes are as varied as the lives of the essayists, moving from dating tips one week, to loss the next.

What could make it better?

This is one of those that for me, already gets it just right. The variety of stories is great, and the pace of the show is such that it respects and expands upon the source material. It’s now a staple part of my podcast listening.

Who can take inspiration from this?
Anybody who already has a blog or newsletter, then you are halfway to making something like this. It’s a particularly good example for anybody who is terribly conscious of their voice – just find someone who’s voice you do like, and get them to read your words. Podcasting gives you the space and freedom to add more to the original, so take advantage of this.

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