The Jolly Good Show is a free sketch show by up-and-coming comedy writers Brigit Foster and Emma Gascoigne.

We’ll take you on a short and witty look around the world covering subjects like dating, work, animals and we’ll even throw in a bit of history, some pirates and who knows what else?

The podcasts are free to download and each episode is around 8 minutes long. We have 6 episodes for you and they will be released every week on the most depressing day of the week….Monday!

The Jolly Good Show has a sketch for everyone so let us kick start your week the Jolly Good way.

The Jolly Good Show is a podcast by Brigit Foster and Emma Gascoigne for Abrupt Audio. Starring: Tara Lacey, Rob Hall, Simon Lloyd, Tanya Smith, Nicola Jones, Angela Dare.
With thanks to Design Monkey, Soundworks Oxford, Abrupt Audio, Sally Gillespie and Audio Blocks.