Great Podcast Outro’s

Listeners. We all want more of them, and everyone has their own ideas and techniques on how to get them.

But here is a harsh truth. Not everyone will make it to the end of your show. Even if you do a 30 second podcast I guarantee you there will be people who do not make it to the end. For one reason or another. Maybe their battery runs out, maybe their listening is interrupted by a call which changes their life ten seconds in, and they never come back to podcasting.

Or maybe they just don’t like you and what you do.

That’s all ok. Because I don’t care about them. Not today anyway.

Who I really care about, are those who listen right till the very end of your show. These are your most valuable listeners.  Having just listened to you for an hour or however long your show is, these are your number one listeners. At any point they could have tuned out, switched over and not come back to you. But they stayed with you, whether it is for one episode or this is the 5th they’ve listened to in a row. Advertisers kill to get the attention of audiences that are so engaged. They are fully invested in you and what you are doing. So don’t waste the opportunity you have now to point them where you want them to go. Now this could be to another episode, it could be to a sponsor’s website, it could be to a live show you are doing or a competition you’ve entered which you want them to vote for you in. And, as we’ll see in a moment, it can be to all of them.

Now if you don’t already do this, you’re not alone. It can sometimes feel a bit clunky and awkward to do, and is something that is often overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be.

Someone I would recommend you check out is Jordan Harbinger on his show the Art Of Charm. His sign off’s are excellent. He doesn’t just end the show with a thank you to the sponsor, or by pointing you to his website, he also gets you to connect with him on twitter, sign up to his website, book a place at his networking camp, follow his guests social media, and pitches you another episode.

Now just reading that, it sounds like a lot. I suggest you try doing that and then listen to how he does it.  And once you’ve listened to the last two minutes of his show, listen to the rest of it to.  One thing you’ll come away from it thinking is, (apart from the great guests, interviews and information he shares) is that this guy has a lot of sponsors on his show.

Does he have a lot of sponsors because he has a lot of listeners, or does he have lots of sponsors because of the way he sells their message? I dare say in the first instance, the sponsors come from the download figures, but once you have that sponsor in place, wouldn’t it be nice if instead of just appearing once, they kept giving you money?

The show is not broken up with pre-produced ads… Jordan himself tells you about them, and the way he pitches these products is a masterclass.

The way these work, is that the client will give you a script or list of bullet points and you get paid to deliver that message. What he does is deliver that message, and then he puts his own spin on it. One of his sponsors is a twin load washing machine, and he talks about this by saying “I don’t even know how this works”. But then talks about what this would actually mean for him… “no more crispy under armor” seems to be the main thing.

Now I don’t know if he has actually used one of these, or even ever seen one in real life. But not only do I have some facts and figures that the client wanted me to know, I also now have a visual image of what that means for me on a daily basis. I’ve never even had crispy under armor, but I sure as hell don’t want it (if only because it sounds painful).

I like Jordan, I like his show, I like his guests and I even like the way he delivers the sponsor message. Sometimes by talking with his producer, I don’t even hit the jump forward button.

And this is why advertisers pay to have their products on his show.

With your show, your audience, you have that same potential as they do on the Art Of Charm.  You may not have a sponsor yet, but you do have something to sell… you, your show, your social media, your website, your mailing list, your services, your grandmother or even just the next episode.

So don’t just end by saying bye. Give me a direction to go once you’ve left me, that’s what makes a great podcast outro.

Like I’m doing right now.

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