If you want to get started with podcasting, grow your podcast or discuss how a podcast could help your business. 

Ask us anything and take advantage of our 10+ years in podcasting in this FREE 15 minute one-to-one session.

In this session we could help you:

  • Work on a plan and answer questions around launching your podcast
  • Answer questions and help with technical set up or equipment
  • Discuss actions for increasing your audience & growing your podcast
  • Help you get your RSS feed or hosting setup
  • Our findings from 10+ years in podcasting
  • Talk about how a podcast could help your business, brand or product

About Us

Chris Huskins is a founder and the CEO of Abrupt Audio. He started in commercial radio over 10 years ago and started to make podcasts as an extension of his radio show (not just repurposing the show content). He then fell in love with podcasts, and especially enjoys narrative heavy podcasts learning about a range of topics.

chris huskins cartoon

Chris Huskins CEO

Ant McGinley is a founder and the Creative Director of Abrupt Audio. "I was doing my own thing creating podcasts and Chris came to me and said that is what I am doing too, and convinved me to join forces. A few years later we’ve created over 100 shows a year. It is great to be making amazing content that people genuinely enjoy listening too.”

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Ant McGinley Creative Director

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